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Blogs continued....


This is a auto-immune disease which effects men and women. Mostly women over the age of 27yrs. There are many symptoms..of which I have had first hand knowledge. I was diagnosed with this condition at the age of 39yrs..half way through my pregnancy of my first and only child.

As you can imagine, it was not an easy diagnosis to take on board, at what was the best time of my life.

However, I did not let it get me down and thankfully, had a beautiful pregnancy and have a wonderful little boy.

The years leading up to the diagnosis were absolute hell...and years since, have not been too easy either. I have learnt over the years what works for me and what doesn't.

I'm happy enough to share with you, part of my personal experience with this disease.

It took along time to get diagnosed with this condition..and took many visits to medical practitioners. As well as having alternative treatments. It was easier, in a way, once I'd finally been diagnosed. As I then had a name for a whole bunch of symptoms and could then explain it easier to other people.

This meant I could then seek the help that I so desparately needed, for such a long time. And I found ways of helping myself. I was attuned to an alternative healing method many years before. Named Reiki. It is a traditional Japanese self-healing method, which gave me a way of easing symptoms in a natural way. (Please take a look at our sister website: Where you can read more about this Healing Method).

This, along with changing the food that I ate, doing particular excerises and adapting to my new condition, by tayloring my life and activities according to my energy levels..really helped me to live with Fibro (as it is affectionately called by sufferers).

Syptoms are complicated and mimic other conditions such as : MS, CFS, ME, and Lupus.

*Sleep disturbancies

* Depression

*Mood swings

*Aching muscles and joints

*Fibro fog (blurred thoughts and thinking)

*Chest pains

*Travelling pain in various parts of body, at different times

*Hypersensitivity to strong smells, lights, noises

*Low mood


*Chronic pain



*Loneliness (usually caused from feeling your condition is misunderstood)

*Neck pain

I'm sure there are more symptoms that I haven't mentioned here. It will fluctuate depending on the sufferers age, lifestyles and circumstances.

It is a difficult condition to diagnose and not easy to manage symptoms. I found our WOW product has helped me enormously too. Our natural granuals can be used up to 6 times a day..and add much needed minerals to your system. It is also easy to use, by just adding to your savoury foods and meals.

Contact us via comment form to order your free sample and joining our WOW...for memberships.

Sometimes the right herbal combination is very helpful too. Herbs such as: Vervain, Skullcap, St Johns, Nettles, Bladderwack and Black Cohosh. There are many other herbs and it's best to consult a reputable Herbalist to advice you on your partiucular situation.

Yet another thing you can use the comment form for. Due to my own personal experiences, I have learnt alot about herbal combinations and happy to give you advice on natural methods to help you to manage your conditions.

If you recognise these symptoms and feel you might have this condition. Please be insistant with your doctor to have a trigger point test. It will determine whether you do have Fibromyalgia or something else. It took me absolutely years to get a firm daignosis..and even when I did, another doctor opposed the diagnosis. I really had to dig in my heels for the decision. You may have to do the same. And don't accept that it's 'all in your head'..because I was told that a few times along the way..and that was from trained doctors.

You live inside your insistant ..if your symptoms are persistant.

If you need help with this or any other medical condition, you feel I might be able to advice you on..please contact me by filling in a comment form. And I will endeavour to help.

It's not easy having an auto-immune condition. It isn't the end of the world though..your life will change..and you may find it tough.. but getting a diagnosis from you local GP, will be the beginning of a long journey.

Maybe that journey starts here..with this blog.

Hope you have found this post helpful.

Please leave a comment if you do.